The excavation carried out at San Candido / Innichen near our hotel between 1981 and 1984 as well as more recent work has lead to our greater understanding of the settlement of Littamum, originally a mansio along the via per compendium which links the area northern the alps to Aquileia.

The excavation revealed foundations associated with structures belonging to a hypocaust building and a system of water channels and tanks.
The main structure, which must have originally covered some 200 sq.m., has been identified as the settlement's main bath house. The building must have been in use for a long time from the start of the second to the middle of the fourth century, when it was completely destroyed. In its place a "Blockhaus" type structure was built, which in turn was destroyed at about the start of the fifth century AD.

This site is of particular importance in as far as one is able to define the organization of the Roman road network in this part of the Alps and the flow of trade passing through it. In particular it is worth noting the presence at San Candido of a high percentage of African sigillata pottery, demonstrating the vitality of trade during the Late Antique period, when the Roman road system was in slow but inexorable decline.